Why Equity Street Capital

We bring our members high quality, commercial investment opportunities that are normally hidden away in country clubs or investment firms. Through Equity Street Capital, investors get access to a diverse range of retail, multi-family and opportunistic investment opportunities to help diversify their portfolio.

Some of the world’s biggest institutions and wealthiest individuals invest in real estate for growth, diversification, tax benefits, and to hedge against inflation. We bring this opportunity to individual investors like you; when you invest through Equity Street Capital, you are investing with us and alongside our community of like-minded investors and real estate professionals from all across the country.

While REITs and other real estate investment products offer institutional quality commercial investment opportunities, they remove you from the decision-making process. With Equity Street Capital, we offer you the same quality investment but allow you to review each investment offering and determine if the property fits your unique investment goals.

Property Wheel

Diversify your investments with commercial real estate for consistent returns, without the headaches.

  • Consistent Passive Income Work towards your financial goals and long-term wealth with quarterly deposits.
  • Property AppreciationAs a member of the ownership group, you can take advantage of all aspects of the investment including property appreciation and growth.
  • Diversity with Real EstateAdding real estate to your portfolio lets you leverage the stability and tax benefits of a real estate investment, while earning consistent returns not connected to the stock market.
  • Hassle Free InvestingLarge commercial investments can get complicated and will require attention and experience from a team of professionals. You’ll get to invest in real estate with us but continue to focus on your day-to-day life while generating passive returns.

Our Investment Strategy

Equity Street Capital’s investments are designed for long-term investors who want to achieve higher than average performance than traditional investments. Because of our select investment criteria, our team and consistent track record, it allows us to acquire and operate with lower overall costs, which means our investors are able to keep more of their returns.

Our strategy includes an intensive research and underwriting process along with our strategic partnerships with experienced operators across the country. We seek to foster growth and unlock value across our portfolio by focusing on asset management, property operations, leasing, and targeted value-add initiatives.

Equity Street Capital manages $2B+ of real estate across the country for our 1,400+ investors. We deliver institutional quality and scale through our relationships and time-tested investment track record.

Equity Street Capital Properties